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Pioneer Investments' U.S. Offshore Sales Team

At Pioneer Investments, we have an established and sophisticated sales team dedicated to the distribution of Pioneer Investments' Funds to the International or Offshore audience, extending into the Americas beyond the domestic United States business.


With clients across Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean, the team perfects the essential balance of presenting timely investment solutions and updates, with the highest quality of service and support.  Especially in recent volatile markets, their collaborative coverage and focus on availability to clients, is truly second-to-none.  










Gordon Burrow

VP, Regional Wholesaler











Nuno Loureiro

VP, Regional Wholesaler


Key Contacts

Pioneer Funds Distributor, Inc.

1111 Brickell Avenue  | Suite 1500  

Miami, FL 33131 | USA   


Sales Desk # 1-305-982-1553

eMail US.Offshore@PioneerInvestments.com